Ben Tennyson

Ben tennyson


Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Transforming, drinking smoothies
Debut Stick 10 Rises, Part 1 (Teen)
Young Ben Breaks the Trix...Again (Young)
Voice Solo
Salt (ReOTU Only)

Ben Tennyson is the main character of Stick 10. He was the husband of Looma Red Wind. Ben was killed shortly after the events of Stick 10: Even More Swag, but Evil Shocksquatch inherited his Omnitrix and vowed to continue his legacy.


Ben is a stick figure with brown hair. He wears the Omnitrix on his wrist.

His Young form looks the same, except shorter and with the original Omnitrix.

In EMS, Ben has messier hair, has grown a slight beard, and wears the Pikltrix.


In Ben's normal form, he has the power to drink excessive amounts of smoothies and eat an almost infinite amount of chili fries. Tacos are better, but it's Ben, so yeah. He also wears the Omnitrix which allows him to transform into a bunch of aliens.


As a kid, Ben was very cocky and obnoxious, like most stupid kids.

As a teen and young adult, Ben is selfish, immature, and often times oblivious to serious situations, thus causing him to fuck up on missions a lot and needing assistance from his partners.

Ben's cameo in OMC (top left)


Stick 10Edit

Every episode except Vilgax vs Nintendo, Part 1 and Vilgax vs Nintendo, Part 2 and some shorts.

Even More SwagEdit

Every episode except Paco Enters a Weight Lifting Contest, The Origin of the Dancing Pikl, Macho Steals Emma, Vilgax's Parents, A Very Baumann Father's Day, Battle of the Families, Ehccidentally in Love, and Rocking Out With Your Paco Out.

Oprah Makes CartoonsEdit

OMC Forever AfterEdit

The Adventures of ObamaEdit


  • Ben is afraid of peacocks.
  • Ben likes to take long walks on the beach.
  • Ben is faaaaaaat
  • Evil Shocksquatch