Big Chill

Big chill ems

Big chill

Species Necrofriggian
Homeworld Kylmyys/Mykdl'dy
Powers Ice blasts, flight, intangibility
Debut Francis' Day Out
Voice Solo

Big Chill is an alien in Stick 10.


Big Chill is a big moth like creature. He is light blue and white and muscular. He wears a green belt and the Omnitrix is on his belt.

In EMS, he wears a green hoodie, has taped on wings, and is constantly eating an ice cream cone to enhance his ice abilities.


Big Chill can freeze people. He can shoot ice beams from his mouth and hands. He can fly. He can fold his wings into a cloak. He can also trun intagible.


Stick 10Edit

Even More SwagEdit


  • He has the color scheme of the Mykdl'dy Necrofriggians because why not.
  • He was the last real alien used by Ben before he died