Ignacius Baumann

Baumann ems


Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Being swaggy
Debut Quirky Verky
Voice Solo
FromTexttoSpeech (ReOTU Only)

Mr. Ignacius Nathaniel Baumann is a character in Stick 10.


Baumann is human person. He has a patch of white hair on the back and sides of his head. He wears swaggy glasses and has a swaggy mustache. He wears a yellow shirt and a pink apron.

In EMS, Baumann wears black, pointed shades and a suave black suit. He has lost a considerable amount of weight.


Baumann is a very swaggy man. Armed with his grocering abilities and immense swag, he certainly is a formidable opponent.


Baumann, on the outside, is cold-hearted and mean-spirited, caring only about the well-being on his store. But deep down, he genuinely cares for Ben and views him as a son or a younger brother. He also cares a lot for his son, Baumann Jr.


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