Rook Blonko

Rook ems 2

Rook ems

Rook space tourist


Species Revonnahgander
Homeworld Revonnah
Powers Plumber Knowledge and Training, Proto-Tool
Debut Stick 10 Rises, Part 1
Voice Ancyforth

Rook Blonko is a main character in Stick 10.


Rook has blue skin. He has three black stripes on his forehead. He has a kitty mouth and a white face. He wears blue Proto-Tech armor.

After he left the main team, he wore a tour guide outfit.

In EMS, he has grown a little pudgy and wears a trucker hat.

After he trans-formed into a human and back, he slimmed out a little. He now wears a navy blue cap and armor with a gold chest piece. His Plumber Badge is on his chest piece.


Rook has speciallized plumber training under his belt. He wields the Proto-Tool, a weapon that can shapeshift into many tools and weapons.


Rook, being foreign to Earth, is very oblivious to most human things. He's a little curious george. He's often the subject of ridicule from his friends. He works many jobs, such as Plumber, Tour Guide, Musician, and more, to help support his family.


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  • rook is faaaaat

Art by Sandvvich.