The Little Evil Shocksquatch That Could
Season Oprahlogue
Episode Oprahlogue
Overall 161
writer Oprah
Previous When I Met You
Next Evil Shocksquatch's many years of continued off-screen adventures
The Little Evil Shocksquatch That Could is the canon Oprahlogue and true ending to Stick 10: Even More Swag.


Either one, two, or a thousand weeks after the events of the finale, the backgrounds disappear one day and Ben accuses Evil Shocksquatch of stealing them but it was really Arvis. Arvis shoots Ben with an AIDS gun, so Ben flips him off and he dies, but not before revealing that he sold the backgrounds to Canada. Ben and Evil Shocksquatch go to Canada, where they discover that Alan 10 has the backgrounds. Ben tries to get them back, but Alan kills him. Evil Shocksquatch takes the Omnitrix and gathers a team of the greatest heroes in all the worlds - Sigurd, Niall Horan, JK Simmons, OMC Ben, and Girl Ben, with Chris Chan turning him down - which he calls the OMC Benstice League. The OMC Benstice League confronts Alan and beats him up, but Alan goes Un-Named. In order to overpower him, Evil Shocksquatch goes Alien X and vores the others, making them his head voices and allowing him to kill Alan and restore the backgrounds. Evil Shocksquatch vows to take up Ben's position and protect the world, and no one goes to Ben's funeral except Sonic.

Major EventsEdit

  • Ben dies
  • Evil Shocksquatch takes the Omnitrix and succeeds Ben








  • solo says this is canon
  • i implied that baumann is dead too so i guess he died sometime between the finale and now
  • the final panel is a reference to one of my favorite pieces of bad deviant art
  • i included arvis and sigurd because i enjoy fire emblem 4: genealogy of the holy war
  • the anime girl ben uses for an angry face is honoka from love live and i put her there because spencer enjoys it and i enjoy spencer
  • ben shows up pasted over megazord clockgrade in one panel because paint fucking sucks
  • the omc benstice league is a reference to the avengers
  • this episode uses the word nigger a lot
  • would it even surprise anyone at this point if alan actually does have a vore fetish? wouldn't surprise me
  • oprah wrote this page