Upchuck ems

Upchuck ferk

Upchuck murk

Upchuck perk

Species Gourmand
Homeworld Peptos XI
Powers Eating
Energy Loogies
Debut Perfect Day: The Sequel (Teen)
More Tummy Trouble (Young)
Voice Ancyforth

Upchuck is an alien in Stick 10.


Murk Upchuck is a frog/hamster alien. He has buds on the back of his head. He is swampy green with dark green spots all over. He has teeth sticking out pointing up. He has the Omnitrix on his chest.

Perk Upchuck is lime green and has no spots. His eyes are round and have a thick black outline.

Young Upchuck Murk looks the same as Teen Murk, except he has a suit and the Omnitrix is on his hand.

Young Upchuck Perk looks the same as Teen Perk, except he has a suit and the Omnitrix is on his hand.

Ferk Upchuck looks like Murk Teen, but with the color scheme of Perk. He has Murk eyes with Perk eye borders.

In EMS, all Upchucks have a facetrix. Murk has a long face and short body, Perk has a short face and long body, and Ferick has a short face and body, but long legs.


Upchuck can eat stuff. He has stretchy toungues that can stick to any surface and be used like whips. He can also spit our energy balls.


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  • He is inferior to Eatle.
  • Murk is named after Glen Murakami, Perk is named after Tom Perkins, and Ferk is named after Ferrick J. Wyatt.\